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Vaccine Titers

What is a vaccine titer?

A vaccine titer is a blood test that we recommend for puppies and dogs to determine whether immunization success has been achieved. This allows us to modify vaccination programs for individual dogs and puppies.


Why would you recommend a titer for my dog or puppy?

We may recommend a titer for your puppy once his or her initial vaccination series is done to make sure the immunizations were successful in protecting them from parvovirus, distemper, and infectious hepititis. We may also recommend this test for older, immuno-compromised dogs. In both cases, these pups may have weakened or under-developed immune systems which may require a different vaccine protocol. The titer tests allows us to determine how effective vaccinations were or if they are needed at all.

When can you perform a titer test?

We can do a titer test at any time. We perform the test in-hospital and can have results within the span of your appointment with the doctor, typically 30 minutes.

I have more questions.

Great! Feel free to call or email any time with any questions you may have. Contact us via phone at (513) 553-9954 or by email to [email protected]

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